Record & Publish Your Audiobook With Us!

Franc Village Studios is a Full-Service Audiobook Publisher, emphasis on FULL-SERVICE! It’s time to put a voice to your STORY and we’ll help you record it RIGHT! Let us help you by providing you with a professional audio book recording your creative work deserves. From start to finish, we ensure you barely lift a finger and we’ll see to it that your audiobook gets published on all the major platforms including (but not limited to) Audible, Apple, Scribd, Amazon, Nook and much, much more!

The Process


This part is crucial, yet simple. We discuss your vision, timeline and price options. Be sure to have your word-count ready as that number is crucial to giving you the proper estimate.

Narrator Selection: The perfect match

We’ve established relationships with seasoned narrators and we’re confident that we can pair your literary voice with the perfect candidate. Think of it as a private casting call where together we audition a handful of narrators we think fit best. They’ll all record a sample of your work and you’d simply select who you believe can convey your vision best.

Editing, Proofing and Mastering

This section is purely behind the scenes and is all about quality control.

  • Editors clean up the audio by eliminating room noises and other distractions contained in the recording.

  • Proofers match the audio with your manuscript and flag for corrections.

  • Mastering engineers ensure that your audiobook meets the strict standards put in place by Audible and every other major audiobook platform.

After one final quality control pass, you’d get the chance to review the work prior to the big reveal.

Publishing and Distribution

This is it! You’re most likely familiar with the rush of releasing your physical book, and we aim to make the process for your audiobook 10 times easier. Once you’ve signed off with your blessing, we would upload the book to our distributor who distributes your book to the widest distribution network available! We’re talking 21 retailers and 11 libraries. That’s every major audiobook platform in the world!

Cinematic Audiobooks


Audiobooks with the music & sound of Cinema!

Give your book’s readers, or should we say ‘hearers’ a sound experience like no other! We’re always busy providing original creative works, sound design, and musical compositions…and our Audiobooks are no different! Much like the film scores and sound effects you hear during your favorite films, let us create what we call a Cinematic Audiobook for you that will be unique and memorable to your story, creating a rich and immersive experience for YOUR listeners. Fill out the Author/Writer intake form below to schedule your FREE consultation today!

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