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Consultation Services for film makers

Prevention is always the best cure, and this definitely applies to production sound capture of your films. I offer a one-on-one virtual consult to prep you before your project’s sound capture begins. We’ll cover everything you’ll need to capture high quality sound the first time ensuring the maintenance of sound quality throughout the post-production process. There’s nothing worse than spending money on a production sound crew, only to discover in post that they were underprepared or worse—that your sound and overall work is now subpar. Avoid the stress and literally thousands others have wasted doing this without guidance and let me coach you through the process from the beginning.

We currently have two packages available:

Film Maker Package

Let’s chat! For one full hour I will listen to your sound vision for your project and provide you with key tips to guide you through avoiding major pitfalls when capturing the sound for your film/project right out of the gate…because you can’t fix everything in post! But you can prevent major issues with proper coaching and preparation!

What you get:

  • One (1) hour video chat or voice call.

  • Franc Village’s PDF checklist and terminology resource for Quality Pre-Production sound capture.

  • Access to our private Composer/Film Maker Exchange group on Facebook.

Sound Recordist Package

From one sound professional & engineer to another, I know at times you may just need a fellow professional in your field to bounce ideas and questions off of. I will help you through your production sound capture set-up—and since we speak the same engineering language, our discovery will be both fun and a breeze.

What you get:

  • One (1) hour video chat or voice call.

  • Franc Village’s Pre-Production resource tool (PDF) for sound professionals.

  • Access to our private Composer/Film Maker Exchange group on Facebook.


Sound Project Management From Start To Finish

Your project is a major investment and we know exactly how to treat it as such. Franc Village Studios offers full post production services so that you get optimal sound quality in post for Film, TV, and Games. With our sound supervision services, you’ll be sure that you constantly have the info, equipment, and team on hand throughout your project to monitor and capture professional sound for your completed project. Let us partner with you on your film and we’ll provide sound checks, benchmarks, approvals, and more along the way remotely or onsite. Request a quote for our sound supervision services today!

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Guidance In The Industry You Need

There is nothing like an industry cheat sheet to save you time! That’s exactly what we provide. We do it because we enjoy teaching and helping others grow. Our over twenty years of experience in the audio industry has made us knowledgable in a number of specialized sound niches. Our expertise includes technical knowledge and industry guidance specific to post production, audiobooks, sound libraries, composition, appropriate sound equipment, technical issues and more. We’ll help you navigate pitfalls by providing information hacks and resources for your professional advantage during our guidance call. Take advantage of our industry specific experience that took us years to discover and accrue. If we don’t specialize in your area and think we can’t help you with what you need, we’ll simply let you know and refer you to who can at no charge. Let us help save valuable time and get you started advancing your career further today!

  • Discuss industry specific questions you may have with our CCO, Gregory Vilfranc.

  • Get exclusive insider knowledge of what it takes to advance in your niche.

  • Get a brief assessment of your most recent project.

  • Receive a full audio recording of your call